Studying arts is an essential part of a child’s development and provides enormous cognitive and emotional benefits. Arts education builds confidence and self-esteem and encourages students to develop the ability to work hard, concentrate, to be self- disciplined and to understand that improvement and excellence comes through practice, hard work and teamwork.

“Express your inner beauty”

Gymnazia’s dance programs comprise of a wide range of dances including ballet, contemporary, jazz, folk, pop and hip hop. Creative dance programs could be developed to combines movements from different dance disciplines enabling dancers to develop skills such as coordination, balance, running, hopping, jumping and skipping. Gymnazia’s dance programs provide the opportunity for young and older dancers to creatively express themselves and get great exercise.
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Dancers are usually grouped by age and ability. From beginner and intermediate to advanced and precompetitive, dancers work towards achieving awards in club competitions and performances as well as preparing for competing on international levels.
Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance, developed by the French and perfected by the Russians. Ballet is a highly technical form of dance and would take years of training to learn and master. Gymnazia’s professional coaches bring years of experience to accompany students from the beginner to mastery levels. Trainees are initially introduced to basic elements of ballet and gradually elevated to more complex techniques and movements. Other than being a classy type of performance dance, ballet could help develop alignment, coordination, musicality, strength and fitness.

“Unleash your imagination”

Gymnazia’s arts and crafts programs have been developed to stimulate and enrich individuals’ creative potential. The programs are designed to introduce students to various art movements, cultural influences, creative genres, renowned artists, and their works.

Students will also explore concepts such as line, texture and color.